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MacDill AFB Front Runner
for 2023 Annual Meeting

This story in the July 2022 News & Notes contains the latest information on plans for the next Annual Membership Meeting. AFPAAA’s Board of Directors had determined that it would not be possible to hold the association’s 27th Annual Meeting in Dayton, Ohio this fall as scheduled...

“After more than a year trying to find a site, MacDill in Florida is the front runner to host our 2023 Annual Membership Meeting,” said meeting coordinator Perry Nouis.

“When we pulsed bases, their common response, which may reflect Covid concerns, was they are not hosting anyone now and for the foreseeable future. That has been the problem for us in getting this already thrice postponed event going.”

Reluctance on the part of DoD to expose unit or base populations to a visiting group if the Covid threat continues is understandable.

“We were looking to get together next spring but time has become a factor with more than a year needed to organize a meeting,” Perry said. “Preliminary talks with MacDill have been positive and we hope to confirm fall ’23 dates shortly.”

"With the many attractions of the Tampa area, and MacDill the home of both Central and Special Operations Commands, as well as the 6th Air Refueling Wing, this could be one of our best meetings,” Perry observed.

Both commands have unique missions. Central Command is responsible for defending and promoting U.S. interests in the 20 Middle Eastern nations, Central and South Asia, and strategic waterways surrounding them. Special Operations Command is DoD’s only unified combat command created by an Act of Congress. It oversees the various special operations components of the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, and Air Force.

“We need the better part of a year to make a fall of 2023 meeting happen,” Perry pointed out. “Once we have a site it takes time to get everything in place: negotiating and contracting with a hotel, coordinating an agenda with the host base, placing notices in military and veterans publications, and getting the word to our members to allow them time to decide if they will attend and to make their travel arrangements. For us to get together at anytime next year a lot has to happen before the end of this year.”

“If the bases remain closed to tours, by groups such as ours we may have to consider other options – a shorter meeting, a reception and dinner, a remote event using Zoom or other teleconferencing technologies – even holding the meeting at a nonmilitary site, such as the National World War II Museum in New Orleans,” Perry speculated.

Keep checking here and News & Notes for the latest Annual Membership Meeting status.