How AFPAA Supports the Public Affairs Family

How AFPAA Supports the
Public Affairs Family

AFPAA Activities

AFPAA is proud to be actively involved in numerous endeavors that support the Air Force Public Affairs family. Follow the links or scroll down to learn more about what we do.

Active Force Support

Illustrating the many creative and innovative ways PAs find to tell the Air Force story, 48th Fighter Wing Public Affairs photojournalist, Tech. Sgt. Matthew Plew, pictured above, documented three F-15s in aerial maneuvers over southern England - bringing a new dimension to the meaning of the word "selfie" in the process!

Unique contributions like this to the Air Force mission are why AFPAA's primary focus is to provide recognition and support of the active force in whatever way we can. It's why we...

Learn From Legends

To help preserve our heritage, the AFPAA Oral History Program accumulates and preserves first-person historical accounts of Air Force, national, and international public affairs events and activities, like 1973's Operation Homecoming, when then Lt. Col. Dick Abel made five trips to Hanoi to escort POWs as they were released from North Vietnamese prisons.

Over thirty legends in the field of public affairs have participated in this on-going project, sharing their stories, insights, and advice, providing tremendous value to today's communicators.

Learn more from these PA pros here.

Annual Reunion and Membership Meeting

For many AFPAA members, the highlight of the year is the Association's annual membership meeting.

Held at a different location each year, this three day event is a great opportunity to renew friendships and make new ones. At least one day is dedicated to briefings and tours of active duty installations, major contractor facilities, and museums. For AFPAA members who have retired or separated from active service, these "reblueing sessions" help them keep up with the changing capabilities and evolving missions of today's Air Force.

San Antonio, Texas, will be the site of the 2024 meeting, which will be held October 3 — 5. For more details on the plans for the San Antonio meeting as they become available, including the schedule of events, how to register, and where we’re staying, please go here.

With the exception of the pandemic years of 2020, 2021, and 2022, AFPAA has held an annual meeting every year since 1994. Here's where the meetings have taken place:

Transition Support

Leaving active duty may feel like jumping out of a perfectly good airplane into the great unknown, but AFPAA is here to help, providing assistance to members transitioning to the civilian world and seeking employment by offering...

Awards Program

AFPAA celebrates the achievements of professionals - active, retired, civilian, and community leaders - through its prestigious awards program...

Special Projects

The Association also undertakes special projects like...