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Annual Meeting
Postponed Until 2023

AFPAAA’s Board of Directors has determined that it will not be possible to hold the association’s 27th annual meeting in Dayton, Ohio this fall. The meeting, which had been scheduled for September 29th to October 1st, 2022, has been postponed until sometime in 2023.

Authorities at Wright Paterson AFB advised the board that they could not predict when current Air Force policies restricting support of base visits due to the pandemic will change. Given the lack of clarity on when restrictions will be lifted, and continuing its strong commitment to ensuring the health and safety of its members, the board decided to no longer pursue holding a meeting near Wright Paterson in 2022.

The board is currently reviewing options for a new location and date for the meeting next year. Please check this webpage and the most recent edition of the association’s newsletter for updates on the planning process.