Learn How AFPAA Can Help You Reach Your Goals

Learn How AFPAA Can Help
You Reach Your Goals

Financial Aid for
PRSA Accreditation or
IABC Certification

To earn the trust and confidence of the American people, the Air Force needs talented public affairs professionals who have the knowledge and expertise required in today’s information environment. Programs offered by the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) or the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) can help Air Force PAs develop the advanced public relations skills that will enable them to provide expert communications counsel to commanders at all levels.

That’s why AFPAA strongly supports membership in PRSA or IABC and urges PAs to earn the credentials these organizations offer. As part of its commitment to support the active force, AFPAA has established a stipend program to help PAs offset the costs involved in applying for accreditation by PRSA or certification by IABC.

Up to four stipend of $250 each per fiscal year are available to Air Force personnel who successfully complete one of the PRSA or IABC credentialing programs.

To be eligible, a stipend applicant must be:

The PRSA and IABC credentials eligible for this stipend program are:

These stipends were specifically established to reduce the costs involved in applying for PRSA accreditation or IABC certification. AFPAA also offers financial aid through the Dalton Scholarship Program, which offers scholarships to help pay for courses of study in any of the specialties of the public affairs career field, including preparation courses for accreditation or certification examinations. You can learn more about the Dalton Scholarship Program here.

How To Apply

There are two steps in the stipend application process:

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