TAMPA 2023

Who's Attending?

2023 Annual Meeting
Attendee List

AFPAA members planning to attend the association's 27th Annual Meeting in Tampa this October will be listed here once their registration has been received.

Is your name on the list? If not, what are you waiting for? You can register here.

Who's Registered to Attend?

Here's who has signed up so far to join us in Tampa:

John and Kathy Banusiewicz

Judith Bates

Judy and Jerry Bivens

Don and Joyce Black

Julie and Mike Briggs

Don Brownlee and Penney Taylor

Neil Buttimer

Sam and Barbara Cagle

Linda Chick-Haseloff

Dick Cole

Adrianne Craig

Cindy Dalton

Alan and Marcia DeFend

Jay and Elise DeFrank

Beth Dennard and Mark Warte

Erin Dorrance

John Dorrian

Joan Ferguson

Art and Janet Forster

Mark Foutch and Janet Charles

Leslie Fraze

Clem and Jean Gaines

Bob and Norma Gibson

John and Kathleen Gura, Dan Gura, Barbara Gura, Jeff Gura, Renee Gura, Taylor Gura

Beth Kelley Horine

Don Hessenflow and Cathy Dawson

Terry (Doc) Holliday

Hank and Anita Hufnagel

Bob and Mary Hunter

M.J. Jadick

Jim and Jeanne Jannette

Betsy Johnston

Chet and Carol Justice

Mike Kinchen

J.B. and Shirley Kump

Yolan LaPorte

Cheryl Law

Jim McGuire and Carla Sylvester

Mike McRaney

Ed Memi

Chuck Merlo

Mike Miley

Perry and Jean Nouis

John Peters

Bob and Alice Prucha

Joe and Dee Purka

Christine Queen

Jim and Amanda Ragan

Ken and Jackie Raimondi

Ron and Berni Rand

Phil and Linda Ratliff

Eric Schnaible

Dave Schillerstrom, Bill Schillerstrom

Mary Shea, Susan Shea

Hal Smarkola

David Smith

Andy Stanley

Donna Christian Stratford and Jim Stratford

Carolyn Terrill, Michael Terrill, Mischael Terrill, Mark Terrill, Allison Terrill, Marshall Terrill

Libby VanHook

Ed and Betsy Worley