Reade F. Tilley

Reade Tilley

Reade Tilley was a World War II Ace with seven victories, all of which were scored while flying with Eagle Squadrons of the RAF. Following the war, he became deeply involved in the Air Force information field. During the Cold War he helped General Curtis LeMay set up SAC.

He is arguably the one person most responsible for developing the structure and practice of "modern" USAF public affairs. Many innovations he introduced changed military public affairs forever and are still in use today.

Reade Tilley
Not accepted for pilot training by the US Army Air Corps, Reade trained with the Royal Canadian Air Force instead.
Reade Tilley and Curtis LeMay
Reade and his boss, Gen Curtis LeMay, discuss racing strategy. Reade at first considered a career as a professional race car driver before joining the military.

Reade served as director of information for U.S. Air Forces in Europe during the Berlin Airlift, became the architect for the Strategic Air Command’s public information program, and served as director of information for Pacific Air Forces during the Vietnam conflict. After retiring from the Air Force, he became an independent public relations consultant.

To learn more about Colonel Tilley, you can read his biography and Oral History here.

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