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Pinup USAF PA Communication Excellence Awards
Congratulations to the winners of the 2017 Air Force Public Affairs Communication Excellence Awards!

Individual Awards for Communication Excellence

Outstanding Communication Airman: SrA Nicolas A. Myers, 633rd Air Base Wing Public Affairs, Joint Base Langley-Eustis, VA.

Staff Sergeant Christopher S. Frost Outstanding Communication Noncommissioned Officer: TSgt David A. Salanitri, HQ Air Force Space Command Public Affairs, Peterson AFB, CO.

Outstanding Communication Senior Noncommissioned Officer: MSgt Russell M. Scalf, 1st Combat Camera Squadron, Joint Base Charleston, SC.

Airman 1st Class Darryl G. Winters Award for Combat Communication: SrA Xavier P. Navarro, 1st Combat Camera Squadron, Joint Base Charleston, SC.

Capt. Bradley R. Schuldt Outstanding Communication Company Grade Officer: Capt Korey J. Fratini, 23rd Wing Public Affairs, Moody AFB, GA.

Outstanding Communication Field Grade Officer: Maj Korry W. Leverett, HQ Air Mobility Command Public Affairs, Scott AFB, IL.

Outstanding Communication Civilian, Category I: Ms. Andrea N. Jenkins, 23rd Wing Public Affairs, Moody AFB, GA.

Outstanding Communication Civilian, Category II: Ms. Kiley L. Dougherty, 56th Fighter Wing Public Affairs, Luke AFB, AZ.

Outstanding Communication Civilian, Category III: Ms. Denise M. Burnham, Secretary of the Air Force Office of Public Affairs National Media Outreach, New York City.

Best of the Best: SrA Nicolas A. Myers, 633rd Air Base Wing Public Affairs, Joint Base Langley-Eustis, Va., is recognized as the outstanding officer, enlisted or civilian member who best demonstrated professional excellence and contributed significantly to the effectiveness of the Air Force public affairs mission. This award is sponsored by the Air Force Public Affairs Alumni Association.

Air Force Public Affairs Directors Excellence Award team winners

Brig Gen Harry J. Dalton, Jr., Award for the most effective unit-level communication program: U.S. Air Forces in Europe Band, Ramstein Air Base, Germany. Small Team Members: Lt Col Donald E. Schofield, Capt Justin W. Lewis, Mr. Dominick Halnais, MSgt Rebecca L. Collins, MSgt John B. Dawson, MSgt Michele E. Harris, MSgt Timothy A. Stombaugh, TSgt Lenora G. Dziergowski, TSgt Edwin A. Ochsner and TSgt Jeffrey C. Reich.

Maj Henry H. "Hap" Arnold Award for Public Affairs Communication Effectiveness: Air Force Public Affairs Agency Operating Location H, Hill AFB, Utah. Small Team Members: SSgt Stacy E. Buckley, SSgt Darren M. Scott, TSgt Zachary J. Vaughn, SrA Darien A. Perez, A1C Darius A. Caldwell, Mr. Burke J. Baker, Mr. Adam C. White, Mr. Trevor A. Wood, Mr. Jamie R. Chapman and Mr. Kenneth A. Pruitt.

Best Crisis Communication: U.S. Air Force Academy Public Affairs, USAFA, Colo. Small Team Members: Lt Col Timothy A. Herritage, Capt Matthew I. Chism, Mr Meade C. Warthen, MSgt Jasmine V. Reif, MSgt Christopher Greene, TSgt Michael F. Slater, TSgt Julius V. Delos Reyes, 2Lt Kyle G. Senn, Ms. Melissa A. Porter and Mr. Mark A. Kuykendall.

Best Innovation: HQ Air Mobility Command Public Affairs, Scott AFB, Ill. Small Team Members: SSgt Stephanie N. Wade, Ms. Maria Magana, Ms. Jodi Ames, Mr. Sean P. Clements, Ms. Traci-Lyn L. Howells, MSgt Kristine Dreyer, MSgt Jennifer M. Foster, SMSgt April F. Lapetoda, SMSgt Sheila N. Salas, CMSgt Michael B. Hammond, Ms. Candy C. Knight, Mr. Thomas G. Kistler, Capt Kimberly R. Erskine, Capt Kenneth A. Hicks Jr., Capt Carolyn F. Ziaja, Capt Rafael F. Toro-Quinones, Mr. Timothy D. Flack, Mr. Mark T. Voorhis, Maj Korry W. Leverett, Maj Nicholas R. Plante, Maj Bryon J. McGarry, Maj Jonathan D. Simmons, Lt Col Michael J. Willen, Mr. Gabriel J. Myers, Ms. Rose M. Riley, and Col Christopher P. Karns.

Congratulations to all nominees and winners! It is an honor to serve with you and recognize the hard work accomplished and the excellence achieved every day by PA professionals across our Air Force. I also commend and thank the supervisors and commanders who support, encourage and recognize these exceptional Airmen.

EDWARD W. THOMAS, JR., Brig Gen, USAF Director, Air Force Public Affairs

Pinup SAF/PA Conference Room Dedicated
Air Force Public Affairs Alumni Association members were guests at the SAF/PA conference room dedication ceremony on Friday, Oct. 20, 2017 at the Pentagon. SAF/PA Director BGen Ed Thomas honored the association, "for its contributions to the construction, furnishing and decoration of this conference room." A plaque noting the Association's role is displayed in the new room.

Representing AFPAAA at the ceremony were former SAF/PA Director Mike McRaney, current Director, Defense Media Activity Ray Shepherd, AFPAAA Board Member Connie Custer, Membership Chair Neil Buttimer, SAF/PA Liaison Clem Gaines, plus Denny Gauci, John & Barb Kirkwood, Dave & Mary Shea, Donna Stratford, Prof. Vincent R. Tocci and Dan Wooley.


Pinup Centurion Fund Aids Endowment
A few years ago the AFPAAA Board of Directors challenged a committee made up of C. B. Kelly and our late friends Charlie Powers and John Gulick to develop a way to promote more awareness of and add to the coffers of AFPAAA's Endowment Fund.

Thus, the Centurions were born.

To become a Centurion members simply donate $100 to the AFPAAA Endowment Fund. In return, at the next annual meeting, one Centurion donor's name will be drawn and he or she will receive a full refund of their annual meeting registration fee. (The refund can be applied to the current or next annual meeting.)

It is hoped that the public drawing and attendent publicity will attract further contributions. If even half of each meeting's attendees join the Centurions, the program would earn about $5000 per annual meeting, a substantial addition to the foundation.

For Annual Meeting reservation and registration details go to Annual Meeting

To make a Centurion donation: Send your check for $100.00 (payable to Endowment Fund) to: AFPAAA Centurions, Attn: Treasurer, P.O. Box 447, Locust Grove, VA 22508-0447. Be sure to clearly mark your check "Centurion"

Pinup Annual Meeting Site Selection - How to suggest a site
At the 2002 annual meeting, the membership approved a policy that - effective in 2005 - annual AFPAAA conference sites will be suggested and awarded on a bid basis. Any member interested in hosting an annual conference should download the Annual Conference Application Instructions and complete the Annual Conference Application form.

Instructions and an Application can be downloaded as PDF files HERE.

Any questions or concerns about the process should be sent to:
Annual Meeting Committee



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