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Membership Information
You are eligible for AFPAAA membership if you have ever served, or are serving now, in USAF Public Affairs, as a still photographer or videographer (Multimedia) or in an official Air Force Band, or as an Air Force Broadcaster; in uniform or as a civilian, officer or enlisted, in the active force or as a member of the Guard or Reserve. (Upon approval of the Board of Directors, a limited number of "Affiliate" memberships are open to individuals who are not otherwise eligible.)

We are 500+ members strong ... more a fraternity than an association ... whose members span the generations from before WW II through Korea, Vietnam, Kuwait and Afghanistan to today. You're sure to find someone you know - or want to know - among our members.

There are probably as many reasons to join AFPAAA as there are members. But, one of the best explanations we've seen came from Alvina Mitchell who joined as a Lifetime Member.
"I take great pride in being associated with this group.  I felt an exhilarating synergy whenever SAF/PA gathered a bunch of us together for a social function. Ours is just a special group filled with talented people connected by a common experience of passion and panic. I want to stay involved and the alumni association offers a way to do that.

"As for why I joined as a life member, I figure why bother paying in dribs and drabs. I intend this to be a long-term relationship and becoming a life member now will probably save me in the long run. Besides, I better pay now while I still have a full-time job."


    1. Full Members - former Air Force Public Affairs, Air Force Broadcasting Service or Air Force Band personnel, military or civilian, retired or separated.

    2. Associate Members - current or former Air Force Public Affairs, Air Force Broadcasting Service or Air Force Band personnel, military or civilian still in active service.

    3. Adjunct Members - spouses, widows or widowers of those eligible to be Full or Associate Members. 

    4. Affiliate Members - a limited number of persons not eligible for membership under any of the above categories may become a member upon favorable recommendation by the Membership Committee and approval by the Board of Directors (U.S. citizens only). 

NOTE: Only Full Members may vote or hold Association offices.  All others may be a member of any special or standing comittee as long as they do not serve as a committee chairperson.

Members may change categories at any time as circumstances permit.  To do so members must notify the Membership Committee of their new status.  For example:  when associate members let us know that they have retired, we change their status to full (voting) membership at no additional charge for the remainder of their membership term.  They begin to pay the full membership dues rate on their normal renewal date.  Questions? MEMBERSHIP
Our membership is composed of retired, separated and active duty men and women. Many - well into their second careers - hold PR, marketing and advertising positions in business and industry. Others are college professors, composers, authors, business owners, video producers, fund raisers, studio musicians, journalists, investors, politicians and entrepreneurs. And others just fish, travel or play golf. But, what we all have in common is an abiding interest in today's USAF and a strong desire to maintain the friendships we have forged in the past.

AFPAAA members live in most states and many foreign countries. Areas with the largest concentrations of members include:  Washington DC, Texas, Florida, California and Colorado. 

U.S. Map
[No members in Rhode Island ... so far.]
When you join, you'll receive our annual membership directory. You'll find out what happened to "whatsisname" who may now hold a prominent public relations or marketing communications position in a major company, is a broadcasting executive, or has a successful career in pop or classical music. You'll find names, addresses, phone, fax and e-mail numbers of every AFPAAA member. And, when the directory next appears, you'll be in it too. 

Members also receive a quarterly newsletter - filled with information on what's happening in Air Force Public Affairs, Broadcasting and Bands; reports about Association activities, and stories about our members. And, finally, each year, at our Annual Reunion and Membership Meeting you'll get an opportunity to be "re-Blued" as we tour active duty installations amid ample opportunity for "social interaction."

Of course, we also have this website to keep you up-to-speed between newsletters and to maintain a convenient resource for members old and new. This website also includes -- available to members only -- an on-line membership directory, both "text only" and PDF file versions of our newsletter, as well as a  jobs listing and an extensive job hunting resource section.


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